Android Developer Certification Program
Course Modules (Android on Ubuntu Linux & Windows Platforms)
Android Apps Development in the Eclipse IDE using Core Java, Android API's, Android Development Tools, Emulators & SQLite Database
  • Core Java for Android                                                                  
    • An overview of Java Object Oriented Programming
    • Data Types, Variables & Arrays
    • Operators
    • Control Statements
    • Introduction to Classes
    • Methods & Classes in depth.
    • The Inheritance concept in Java
    • Packages & Interfaces 
    • Exception Handling 
    • Multi-threaded Programming
    • I/O, Applets & String Handling 
  • Android Framework. 
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine.
  • SQLite Browser Manager. 
  • Eclipse IDE Integrated Development Environment. 
  • ADT Android Development Tools plug-in for Eclipse. 
  • Configuring all elements in the development environment.  
  • Android SDK’s & API’s.
  • Creating/Configuring AVDs Android Virtual Devices. 
  • DDMS Dalvik Debug Monitor Server.
  • LogCats.
  • Debugging Code in the Android Environment on Emulators & Physical Devices.
  • Building a Live App, inculcating all core Design & Development concepts.   
  • Core Topics 
    • Activities
    • Intents 
    • Services 
    • Content Providers 
    • Broadcast Receivers
    • Android APK ‘s
  • Android UI Layout Elements
  • Drawables, Widgets, Xml Resources.
  • AndroidManifest.xml file usage.
  • SQLite Database usage with Android Apps.
  • Lists and Adapters.
  • Preferences, Options Menu Design.  
  • Android File System.
  • SD Card Storage in Application Programming. 
  • TraceView tool usage. 
  • Advanced API usage with GPS based Location-Services and Device Specific Sensor/Hardware. 
  • Deploying & Testing your Android Apps on Emulators & Mobile Devices.
  • Monetizing your Android Apps and Publishing to the Android Market (Google Play).

Course Duration  2 months of extensive projector based apps development training.

Lab Facilities  Open to Developers, Monday - Friday. Android Apps Testing Devices available in-house. 

Free Unlimited Broadband Internet Access.

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Oct 29, 2012, 5:59 AM